*Hot Pink* Grip Wizard, Fine Motor and Handwriting Magic Glove
*Hot Pink* Grip Wizard, Fine Motor and Handwriting Magic Glove
*Hot Pink* Grip Wizard, Fine Motor and Handwriting Magic Glove
*Hot Pink* Grip Wizard, Fine Motor and Handwriting Magic Glove

*Hot Pink* Grip Wizard, Fine Motor and Handwriting Magic Glove

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 Grip Wizard, The Fine Motor Magic Glove, is an innovative fine motor training glove that encourages proper pencil grip and fine motor skill development. 

Unlike traditional pencil grips that are worn by the pencil, Grip Wizard is worn on a child’s hand and gently holds the pinky and ring fingers to the palm, promoting the tripod grip/grasp with the thumb, pointer and middle fingers. 

By keeping the pinky and ring fingers tucked away in the Grip Wizard glove, hand/finger strength, muscle memory, and confidence are developed and the physical act of writing becomes easier!

Each Grip Wizard glove is fully ambidextrous and can be worn by right and left-handed students, alike!

Made of stretchy, soft, and durable Spandex; Left and right-handed learners will be ready to Create Fine Motor Magic in as much time as it takes to put on a glove!



Small Grip Wizard Glove is recommended for ages 3-7*.

Medium Grip Wizard is recommended for ages 5-12*.

*sizes are approximate based on general hand sizes of the age group.

Grip Wizard:

- can be worn on the right and/or left hand(s)

- is available in Small and Medium

- is designed to be worn snugly on the hand

Please email us at elizabeth@gripwizard.com if you have sizing questions, we would be happy to help!


-Washable & Durable (Gentle Wash and Air Dry)

-Soft and Stretchy

-Perfect for Left and Right handed wearers

-Woven tag is color-coded for handedness:

 Blue Grip Wizard Tag- Right hand

 Orange Grip Wizard Tag- Left hand

-Fabric Content:

Glove Interior/Cuff- 80% Nylon 20% Spandex

Glove Exterior- 76% Nylon, 24% Spandex Mesh

-Handmade in the USA from Imported Fabric

Included with each Grip Wizard glove purchase, is the Writing Magic 1,2,3 PDF Download, that helps you and your Grip Wizard Kid understand how to wear their Grip Wizard, and perfect their pencil grip.

We talk a lot about fine motor skill of the hands, here at Grip Wizard. As a person/mom I never really realized how important those skills were until Matthew started occupational therapy for handwriting improvement when he was in fourth grade. I knew that handwriting was important but never thought about all of the neurological and physical aspects of picking up a pencil and writing your name.

Fine motor skill of the hands are so much more than nice handwriting or being able to zip up a coat. These skills are crucial to a child's development, and teachers and therapists are seeing more children entering Kindergarten with diminished hand strength and dexterity.

Grip Wizard, The Fine Motor Magic Glove, is a simple solution to those challenges. Take a look at our Fine Motor Skill FAQ, and see what being a Grip Wizard and Creating Fine Motor Magic is all about!

See what our customers have to say about Fine Motor Magic!

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