Grip Wizard has become an essential fine motor learning tool in homes, schools and therapy practices throughout the world. Picture

"The Grip Wizard was a cool, ready made handwriting tool I stumbled across online and I’m so glad it did! It has changed so many of my client’s pencil grasp’s for the better. Before the Grip Wizard, I was doing a lot of butchering of socks to make a lack lustre (and incredibly uncool) similar prototype, which children refused to even try! Clinical outcomes have improved dramatically with the grip wizard to assist children to develop tripod pencil grasp (the holy grail!). Once muscle memory has been achieved for those cheeky 4th and 5th fingers to curl under, it can be easily slipped off for periods of handwriting tasks, until it’s no longer needed. As a clinician, there is nothing better than having one tool in my kit that works for right and left dominant individuals. What a wizard genius to come up with this tried and tested handwriting support tool! When used in conjunction with programs like Handwriting Without Tears, the Grip Wizard supports children as they develop the strength and muscle positioning to hold their pencil correctly. Completely worth their weight in gold!"

Tricia Mauger
Paediatric Occupational Therapist
Planted Parenting

"I’ve been a school-based occupational therapist for 24 years. The Grip Wizard gloves became a therapy bag and classroom necessity for me this year! It’s had as big an impact on my therapy services as The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and The Pencil Grip. Thanks for making such an effective therapy tool that truly helps children be successful!"

Gretchen Gross-Kralj
School Based Occupational Therapist

"We have only been using Grip Wizard for a few days and can see the difference already. We did my sons worksheets with his glove, and after he took the glove off to color. When he took the glove of he continued using the correct fingers without being told!! We love it and will continue to work with the Grip Wizard."

Heather N.