It's Ok To Let Go...

It's Ok To Let Go...

Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed. -Maria Montessori

Humans learn best when they try it for themselves. Sometimes as parents we struggle with letting our kids try and fail; so we "help" them with projects, self-care tasks, and school work. "Helping" can ensure that the task is completed neatly and quickly but a critical learning opportunity for our kiddos is lost when we insert ourselves too heavily into their attempts.

I know I've been guilty of tying a wizard kid's shoes for way too long or over-editing an essay in the past, and while it may have gotten us out the door faster or improved their grade a bit, it wasn't actually helping them at all. By "helping" them, I was really just saying that "I can do it better, don't worry about it. I'VE GOT THIS!".
What I should have been saying was, "Don't worry about not getting it right the first time, the more we try the better we get. YOU'VE GOT THIS!"

So, I stand back a little more these days, I observe and guide a whole lot more, and try not to be so "helpful". Letting them do it themselves, or at least giving it a really good try has improved their willingness to try in the first place, and makes me realize how capable they are without all of my "help".

Fine motor skill development is a prime example of where we as parents can be a little too helpful. This essential foundation of education, self-care and ultimately, independence provides children with fun ways to improve hand-eye coordination, encourage problem solving and work the tiny muscles in the hands that are necessary for handwriting.

Grip Wizard, The Fine Motor Magic Glove was invented by a wizard kid that didn't respond to traditional pencil grips or the suggestions of his OT for improving his fine motor abilities. He wanted something that would help him to "do it himself, without thinking too much about it".

Grip Wizard gives our kiddos another tool to explore their learning environment more independently, and encourages the development of these skills with consistency, comfort and style. Check out what makes The Fine Motor Magic Glove so magical below, and remember, It's Ok To Let Go...
Gentle Tripod Grip Development
By gently holding the pinky and ring fingers to the palm, Grip Wizard allows your wizard kid to focus confidently on the fine motor task at hand, and NOT where their fingers should or shouldn't be!
 At home, school and therapy sessions, 
Grip Wizard provides consistent tripod grip strengthening and development, whenever it's worn.
Stretchy & Sensory Friendly
Handmade using soft, high-quality spandex, Grip Wizard's unique design takes the grip OFF the pencil and offers your wizard kid: 
-gentle, hand-hugging compression
-a sensory friendly experience
 with soft & stretchy fabric
-easy on and off wearing that rolls back onto the wrist when not in use
-the ability to use any writing utensil 
and even play games while improving their skills!

 (Oh, yeah.. It's totally washable!)
Sporty and Colorful
If it doesn't look cool, they won't wear it.
There are several "worn" pencil grip improvement products on the market, but they were developed for younger children and looked as such. Our focus is to provide a versatile fine motor learning tool that could pass for a cool and sporty wristband to encourage students of all ages to Create Fine Motor Magic!

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