Can Grip Wizard help my 10 year old improve their handwriting?

"My child is 10 and has an awkward pencil grip and terrible handwriting. Can Grip Wizard help older students, too?", is something we are asked a lot. The answer is YES! Grip Wizard was invented by a 9-year-old to improve his own pencil grip and handwriting. Simple to use, comfortable to wear and as "cool looking" as possible were our goals when designing this unique product.
Left Handed student wearing Grip Wizard to improve pencil grip and handwriting.

Helping older students to improve their pencil grip and handwriting is no easy task. Research shows that children are typically settled into a pencil grip/handwriting routine by the age of 7. If a student is struggling with these fine motor concepts, a finger positioning pencil grip is generally the first option for correction and improvement.

Pencil Grips have been around for years, are offered in a variety of styles and squishiness, and all do one thing: attach to a single pencil! Traditional pencil grips are notorious for getting lost, and if a child does not have a writing instrument with a grip on it, they are more likely to revert to their preferred pencil holding grip, slowing their tripod grip development progress. In order for pencil grips to be truly effective, students need to use them consistently, and on all of their writing instruments; but not all writing instruments are designed for pencil grip attachment.

In order for a pencil grip to attach to a writing or drawing instrument, it needs to be relatively the same size as a traditional #2 pencil. Finding pens and pencils to fit pencil grips is more than easy, but what about crayons, markers and colored pencils for creating beautiful works of art? Removing and putting on a pencil grip each time a child wants to use a different color is time-consuming and crayons are easily broken when you try. You could have a pencil grip for colored pencils and skinny markers, but you’ll need at least two dozen.

Skip the pencil grip gripe and Create Fine Motor Magic with Grip Wizard, The Fine Motor Magic Glove! Grip Wizard offers a convenient and consistent solution to tripod grip development for children ages 3-12. By gently holding the pinky and ring fingers to the palm, students can focus their energy on the writing task at hand instead of how they are holding their pencil! Give Grip Wizard a try, the results are pretty magical...

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